How to retrieve a critical file from your data backup in 30 secs!

Fire up attix5 from the icon tray ( this program was downloaded from cloud backup uk service provider UKCB

Start the clock

Right click and open the attix5 program.  Click the restore tab and click the PLUS ICONS to navigate through your folder structure until you find the location of the file that has been deleted.

cloud backup uk

Interface of backup software (server edition)

Right click the folder or file you are after and click “select folder” from the drop-down menu.  You will notice that the folder or file turns green highlight to indicate that it has been chosen for restore. Cloud Backup UK

Now click the Restore button at the top of the program interface.  This brings up the Restore files options dialogue box with options for where to place your restored copy.

You can choose to restore to the Original location or you can browse to any folder or location on your hard drive and place the file there.

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Restoring to the original location option is the quickest option especially for a folder that has been accidentally  deleted from the pc hard drive.

Click OK to start restore.

The restoring files dialogue box appears and connect to our datacentre location over a secure encrypted connection.  Once it has completed you will get a message “Restore successful” .Next you’ll browse to the folder on your actual hard drive and you will see the folder / file back in the specified location.

The Files are ready to use!

6 ways to save money on IT today

Read on for the best advice on IT Support Belfast and throughout Northern Ireland and the UK.

#1  Don’t replace that server.  With a bit of maintenance and some data archiving your server could be running just a sweetly as it was when you bought it.  Then extend the warranty and you’re covered against mishaps.

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#2  Don’t recruit.  It you think you need an IT engineer on your payroll think again.  A specialist third party provider such as Xootec can provide you a better level of service for less cost.  You have the benefit of immediate responses to your issues from local staff, on site presence when you need it and a wider range of expertise.  Plus you’ve no problems covering holidays, training etc.


#3  Downsize your office space.  Could your staff hot desk and work partly from home?  If so there are a wide range of telecoms and IT solutions that can provide the same working environment for your staff no matter where they work.  Your customers need never know.


#4  Go into the cloud.  Considering purchasing a new IT system?  Have you considered a IT Support Belfastsubscription option instead?  Cloud (Internet) based application are usually available on a subscription basis saving you the upfront costs associated with procuring a new IT application and the costs of running it on your own hardware.


#5  Make smart purchases.  The lifetime costs of IT purchases are often many times higher than the initial expenditure.  Take a laser printer for example – the costs of consumables over the lifetime of the printer typically cost many times the initial purchase price.


#6  Buy with an Open Licence.  If your buying Microsoft products then consider an Open Licence agreement.  This can provide considerable saving and more flexibility on other licencing arrangements.

Things to look out for when outsourcing your IT

Outsourcing you company’s IT can deliver many benefits and turn a headache into a valuable resource to enable your business.  Below we look at a few of these.

IT Support Company ServicesPro Active Maintenance

Does the IT provider perform any monitoring of your systems?  Many IT problems can be foreseen with regular checks and remote monitoring software. Looking for a Service provider which does this can mean catastrophes can be avoided, giving the time and space to make the right decision.  Information is the key.  If only support is offered on a fire fighting basis it will cost a lot more in the long run.

Cost Saving

Outsourcing your IT can save you money by reducing your company’s fixed overheads.   No need to bear the cost of continual training of staff to keep up to date with emerging technologies and standards.

Experience & Knowledge

A managed IT support company can utilise 1st, 2nd and third line support technicians. This approach provides your company with a range of knowledge which can be deployed at the appropriate level, in relation to the problem in hand.  Furthermore, a good ticketing system can distribute problems according to skill or expertise level of the technicians.  The benefit here is clear to see, the best person to solve the problem gets that case.  You get the knowledge and skills needed without having to commit to employing a team of engineers to cover all of your business ITC needs.

Range of Services

The range of services your IT Support provider has experience in and can offer is another factor to consider.  Do they have experience in VOIP systems for instance.  Whilst not typically part of an Support providers core repetiour, gaining a partner with this type of offering can again provide excellent cost savings from traditional systems.